Solving cellular degradation issues with TransFix

Do your samples break down before you can analyze them? TransFix is an easy and effective method to stabilize cellular antigens.TransFix is a patented and easy to use general purpose reagent that preserves cells and cellular antigens. It has been used to stabilize antigens for up to 14 days prior to analysis, depending on the application.


Many researchers and clinicians have complained of having issues with keeping their whole blood or CSF samples viable over time. Whether the reason is because the collection occurred on a Friday afternoon with no lab analysis available until Monday, or collecting a large batch of samples to send out to the lab at the other end or the state, cellular degradation can be a problem. Don’t let this happen to you.

Without stabilization, analysis of blood samples by flow cytometry must be performed within 48 hours of venepuncture because apoptosis and proteolytic degradation of cellular markers will detrimentally affect the immunophenotypic profile. When you use TransFix you can allow for repeat testing of samples without having to bring the patient back and repeat the sampling. This saves time, money, and of course, less trauma to the patient. This applies in particular to leukocytes within CSF samples. An unwanted outcome may result in painful and costly repeat drawings. If you have ever had to perform a repeat draw on a child, you know how unpleasant that can be for everyone involved. And if you are transporting between clinical sites, TransFix will ensure the integrity of your samples.

There are many types of samples that TransFix has been shown to stabilize, including whole blood, CSF, and bone marrow, just to name a few. Many research articles have been published featuring applications of TransFix.

And it’s easy to use! Just add TransFix and mix by inversion.

Here are some of the key Benefits to using TransFix

-You can extend the window for sample analysis

-If you need to ship between sites, sample integrity is preserved without the need for cold chain transport

                -False negatives will likely be reduced

-You can batch your samples

-Repeat testing can be done without bringing the patient back

-You will use a lesser amount of reagents and diminish the requirement for after hours or weekend testing

Free evaluation samples are available!

The components of TransFix stabilize cellular markers, allowing analysis by flow cytometry to be carried out at a more convenient time for the user. TransFix has been used in clinical diagnostic testing, clinical trials and a wide range of research applications.

Learn more about how TransFix can help stabilize your precious samples.

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