Human MHC Class II QuickSwitch™ Platform is used to Identify SARS-CoV-2 Virus Derived Peptides

How to Identify SARS-CoV-2 Virus Derived Peptides

Find Human MHC Class I Dominant Peptides

Comparing Theoretical Peptide-MHC Binding Affinity to Real Values produced by the QuickSwitch™ Platform

How to screen SARS-CoV-2 peptides to facilitate T cell research

MuLV gp70 (AH1) Tetramer - a great tool for observing antigen specific immune response in cancer

Intracellular Staining with MHC Tetramers

In vivo NIRF whole-body imaging through MHC tetramers

Why Smart-IP is the smart way to IP

Screening for COVID-19 T-cell peptides and immune monitoring with MHC tetramers in a single assay

Cancer Immunotherapy - Growing focus on CD4+ T lymphocytes and MHC Class II Neoantigens

Is your drug candidate able to reverse the T Cell Exhaustion-like state in our in vitro functional screening assay?

Blocking Fc receptors for flow cytometry

New tetramer for vaccine research targeting Tuberculosis and Ag85B specific T-cells

Why protein phosphorylation is crucial in disease research

QuickSwitch, a tool for adoptive T cell transfer

Stabilizing cellular antigens the easy way using Transfix

Is Wnt3a an essential component in organoid culture?

3D cell imaging made easier

LC3: The gold standard for autophagy research

Gating strategy for tetramer analysis to eliminate non-specific event

Shed a little light in your cells using anti-GFP

Which tetramers can be used for my mouse samples?

Learn why IL-18 is an exciting biomarker for various diseases

Improve your neutralization using monoclonal IL-18 antibodies

Tips for successful results using our extremely popular IL-18 ELISA kits

How do I even get started? Lessons for setting up your experiments

How to detect functional PCSK9 quickly and easily 

Can NanoCulture Plate (NCP) be a better 3D cell culture platform?

Quick!  Switch out your peptide! 

Antibodies for fluorescent proteins: Will it cross react with my variant?

S100 Proteins: Study their Hundreds of Functions with MBL ELISA Kits

Mechanisms and detection methods of p62/SQSTM1 and its importance in the autophagy pathway.

Evaluating the biological activity of a cancer vaccine with the HLA-A*02:01 QuickSwitch™ Quant platform

The problem with Ultracentrifugation for exosome isolation

Protein analysis in circadian rhythm research

How to detect functional PCSK9 quickly and easily

Why NCP 3D cell culture method helps your experiments become more real

Solving cellular degradation issues with TransFix

Why pure exosome isolation matters

Learn about MBL's QC process for providing high quality antibodies!

Quick!  Switch out your peptide!

4 Cool Science Discoveries in 2016

Why Autophagy research won a Nobel Prize

What does mitochondria have to do with mitophagy?

Don't be fooled. Not all tetramers are created equal!

How to choose the right vector for your fluorescent protein needs!

How to find and read a publication

Who’s that on my mRNA?

Don’t rip your hair out- use our RIP certified antibodies!

Improve your RNA research using our anti-BrdU antibody!

Don't FRET- You've got Fluoppi!

Colorimetric?  Fluorometric?  How to choose the right platform for your ELISA

Help! My mouse tetramer stained ALL the CD8+ T cells!

Stop Crying in the Lab: How Cry Antibodies Can Help Your Research

Autophagy Watch...What the Flux is that all about?

Give Your Research 100% With a S100 Antibody

Elevate Your Research: New Pathways of Study For Your PCSK9 ELISA Kit

Elevate your Cholesterol Research Part 2: How Our PCSK9 ELISA Kit Can Help You

Elevate Your Cholesterol Research: How a PCSK9 ELISA Kit Can Help You

Why Smart-IP is the smart way to IP

The Fas and the Furious 2: The Importance of Fas in Cancer

The Fas and the Furious: 7 Facts to Catch You Up to Speed on Fas and How a Fas Antibody Can Help Your Research

Be positive! 5 ways to confirm your MHC tetramer is binding

Attending AACR in Philadelphia?

The ABC's of LC3

Antinuclear Antibodies and the IFA Test

Visiting Experimental Biology 2015 in Boston?

Tetramer Tips for Success: How to be a (Negative) Control Freak

Investigating Parkinson's Disease Part III: The Role of PARK7/DJ-1

Investigating Parkinson's Disease Part II: The Role of PARK5/UCHL1

Investigating Parkinson's Disease Part I: Mitophagy & How to Visualize It

The Significance of IL-18 in the Inflammatory Response

Why bother knowing if you are detecting Pro-IL18 or active IL-18?

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